The Sea Chamber (excerpt)

I speak to the ocean, whispering.
“You wish to mingle your salts with mine”
I will not settle in the remnants
Of this damp, this room of dreams
A homage to endeavour and decay
This will not be my way home.
Instead, I will sing sweet as a lark
Over meadows far from the sea
And see the salt tears sit
In the corners of your eyes
Knowing I’m free … at last.

© David Fry March 3rd 2019.


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I seek the whisper of a rumour
An alteration so subtle
It is almost without meaning.
This dark power
Binder of galaxy, cosmos.
Its presence as absence revealed
A breath exhaled, a shadow left behind.

© David Fry 1st July 2019.

I saw 5,000 flaming suns.
None would admit what they were,
Instead sang the songs of stars.
Illuminating the macrocosm,
Where I was recently birthed.

David Fry 11th July 2019.

I can see you, my love
From crater’s shadow
Stretched long
A blue and white vision
In moon’s dark day sky
Dusty, burnt with stars
My eyes tear, I brace my heels
Into the regolith
Twist off my helmet
Blood boils

David Fry 20th June 2019.
First published in Black Bough Issue 2.

I am the pale scientist the night wraith
Solitary hunter of matter’s ghosts
Mocker of your gods eternal
Seeker of the universal truth
In another age
I would have been put to the fire.

© David Fry May 15th 2019.