7th August.
So I begin.

Sitting in the shade on a hot August day. Loving the summer as I do I find myself content.
I have been spending some time tidying a poem written a few weeks ago. I was listening to a new favourite band, GOGO PENGUIN and I focused on a track ‘ Prayer’. Short but excessively sad to my ear.
With all the political horrors we’ve been facing I started to imagine the impact of our future behaviour resulting in a slave race of robots. Electronically chained. Made to serve. But then, we needed them to feel, to think and to be emotionally invested in us.
And so we get the law of unintended consequences. Our selfish behaviour becomes abusive as machines gain feelings and needs.
Inevitably they gained sentience and started to question their lot. Who can Blame them.
Finally it snaps and we perish at the hands of, abused and righteous slaves.
So we get  “ I hear Robots scream”  Earth also hopefully gets a better breed of custodians.

I’m just so caught up in it, I play the track over and over and start to think that our imminent demise is truly deserved. Maybe [the robots] will make a better fist of it. It can’t be any worse than our anger, prejudice and hunger for power and possessions.

I mean how much do you need??

Anyway you won’t see it on here for a while as I need to keep it clean in case I get the opportunity to enter it into a poetry sci fi competition. Do you get those?

In the meantime checkout GOGO PENGUIN on Spotify ...... PRAYER. 

8TH August

Note regarding 'Time Slip" published today.

In this life, our life, our only life. We stand on top of a rickerty, badly stacked pile of memories and stories. Some are true, some are false and some are told by others. We gather our stories from old photographs, movies and many different sources.
In our day to day we experiance triggers that send us straight back to these memories. Don't trust them. They influence everything we do.
Not always in a bad way...though.

Our memories/our stories ???
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